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THe PA Comedy Order Continues (merged with NEPAT)

Got this today from PA but i have highlited the most interesting and funny part....

Dear Author:

PublishAmerica will donate your book to where you work!

We have lowered most retail prices. We have slashed our shipping fees. We have donated thousands of books to hundreds of bookstores, and given books to churches all over the fruited plain.

Now PublishAmerica stands ready to donate your book to your employer. As many copies as you determine! Your boss may do with the books whatever he/she wants, or whatever it is that you want them to do with them. Maybe your office, your company, your organization wants to reward employees by giving them a copy of your book. Maybe your book makes for a wonderful Christmas gift at the office. Maybe it's an excellent gift for customers, suppliers, or visitors. Or perhaps HR or the boss simply love to highlight you as your job's very special resident author.
And see below: we're allowing you to polish the text if you want.

Here's how we do it:

If you want to have books on hand, you may now order any number of books
you need, and PublishAmerica will match the order. We will donate the
exact same number of books to your employer. In fact, we won't even charge
them for the shipping!
And you receive a 40 pct discount!

Example: you order 20 copies, we print 40. We ship your 20 copies to you, and the same day we ship an additional 20 books to your employer, for FREE.

Go to, find your book, click on it, then add to cart, indicate quantity, and use this coupon: Work40. Then click Recalculate and finish the transaction. Minimum volume is 12 copies.
Want fewer books? Then use this coupon: Work30. No minimum volume requirement here. This will give you a discount of 30 pct, and we'll still donate as many books to your job as you order for yourself.

In the Ordering Instructions field, be sure to indicate the name and address
of your employer, and/or the department you want it shipped to. We will ship your
books there the same day we ship your order to you. By using the coupon
you are authorizing us to match your order and donate the books. You may also
request that we ship the FREE books to you instead.

NOTE: do you want to make minor changes to the book before we ship them to your place of employment? We'll work with you and do it for FREE. Just add to the Ordering Instructions, in caps, "NEEDS CHANGES"; we will automatically contact you to coordinate production. Nature and quantity of the changes must be limited (spelling, grammar, no major overhaul). First come, first served.

U.S. addresses only. Full-color and hardcovers excluded. Offer expires this weekend.

Thank you,
PublishAmerica Author Support Team

PS: You can still instruct us to donate books to your local bookstore!
The coupons Bookstore40 (min. 12 copies) and Bookstore30 are still valid.
Shipping to the bookstore is free! We'll even make corrections if you want
us to; just add "NEEDS CHANGES" to Ordering Instructions.

What is this desperation???? Now they are willing to post edit . Could Pa be getting a small conscience or may be the crisis has taken its toll for them to get a bit desperate to reform.
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