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It's a new week which means it's time for a new PA deal:
Dear Author:

PublishAmerica will put your book in your local Starbucks!

Guess where your fellow PublishAmerica author <name removed> was signing books this past weekend? In his local Starbucks! For two hours he sat there signing copies of <title removed> in Wylie, Texas. No word on whether his latte was free .

PublishAmerica will donate your book to Starbucks. As many copies as you determine. If you are a regular, you have seen books, and CDs, and the New York Times in your local Starbucks. Your book's next! Starbucks customers famously have money to spend. If not, they wouldn't fork over five bucks for a cup of coffee.

We're not waiting for Starbucks to order your book. We're donating it to them, as many copies as you choose. They may put up your book for sale any way they want, highlighting you as a local author.

Here's how we do it:

If you want to have books on hand, you may now order any number of books
you need, and PublishAmerica will match the order. We will donate the
exact same number of books to your local Starbucks store. We won't
even charge Starbucks for the shipping!
And you receive a 40 pct discount!

Example: you order 20 copies, we print 40. We ship your 20 copies to you, and the same day we ship an additional 20 books to your local Starbucks, for FREE.

Go to, find your book, click on it, then add to cart, indicate quantity, and use this coupon: Starbucks40. Then click Recalculate and finish the transaction. Minimum volume is 12 copies.
Want fewer books? Then use this coupon: Starbucks30. No minimum volume requirement here. This will give you a discount of 30 pct, and we'll still donate as many books to Starbucks as you order for yourself.

In the Ordering Instructions field, be sure to indicate the address of your
local Starbucks store. We will ship your books there the same day
we ship your order to you. By using the coupon you are authorizing us to
match your order and donate the books. You may also request that we ship
the FREE books to you instead.
Want us to alert your local media? Write "Media Yes", and we'll contact you
for newspaper addresses so we can tell them your book is off to Starbucks.
Also let us know if you want us to inform The New York Times Review of Books!

U.S. Starbucks stores only. Full-color and hardcovers excluded. Offer expires this weekend on Sunday night.

Thank you,
PublishAmerica Author Support Team
You would think they would've thought of Starbucks before Oprah, Hollywood and Afghanistan.
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