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Ryan, welcome to the club. I recived one payment for my 2008 release and none for my 2009 release. VH claimed "not enough sales". I wondered where all those people who brought my books to author events purchased their copies. Hmmmm.....

I had a few issued getting my rights returned and my three novels pulled from the market. In the end, I basically sent my contract back to VHP with highlighted areas of each section they didn't follow with the demand of immediate release.

Currently I'm writing shorts for a new publisher & extremely happy with my editing experience. Looking back, I don't believe my books were edited properly. (NOTE... my current ebook is on a best sellers list for it's size and genre.)

But live & learn from every experience. Ryan, I think we need to talk and find out if other authors have had the same experience. I have a lawyer who has gone up against publishers before... we might want to see what he thinks of the situation.

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