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Inside The Cover Book Reviews
Review by Amy Brozio-Andrews

Up the Bestseller Lists: A Hands-On Guide to Successful Book Promotion
Kathleen Brehony and Karen Jones
Adams Media Corporation
August, 2001
195 pp.
Genre: Writing-related

So once the novel is finished, and the ink has dried on the book deal, the rest is up to the publisher right? Wrong! As Kathleen Brehony and Karen Jones point out in their book, Up the Bestseller Lists! A Hands-On Guide to Successful Book Promotion, you are the master of your own publishing success.

From marketing strategies to media blitzes, interviews and book signings, Brehony and Jones provide fiction and non-fiction writers with helpful information and advice on how to help propel books to the top of the bestseller lists. Drawing from their own personal experiences and those of other famous writers like Richard Evans and Toni Morrison, Brehony and Jones do more than just tell authors how they should promote their books, they show them with real life examples and practical tips. For example, who would think to wear clothing with a loose waistband in mind to a book signing, because youíll be sitting for an extended period of time? Do you know everything you should include in your press kit? Will you remember to disable your call waiting when doing your local radio interview by phone? In addition to just great advice, Brehony and Jones go the extra mile to provide contact information for a variety of bookstores, publishers, publicists, and media outlets. Appendices including real life samples of Brehony and Jonesí work, interviews, press kits and promotional materials round out an indispensable writerís reference book.

With a clear, concise writing style, Kathleen Brehony and Karen Jones have written an enjoyable and extraordinarily helpful book that will provide honest, "been there, done that" advice to published and non-published authors alike. In addition to well-developed chapters devoted to specific topics like "Product and Price" and "The Book Tour," the authors include a special "Points to Remember" section at the end of each chapter to wrap up and reiterate the important tips. In addition to reinforcing the highlights of the preceding chapter, this format also allows for ready reference so that writers can find the information they need quickly and easily.

Brehony and Jones have delved thoroughly into important topics like selling rights, placing your book in independent and chain bookstores, target marketing and publicity. Small budget and low cost, do-it-yourself promotional options are also discussed, so that all writers can take a proactive part in minting their own literary success. By illustrating their points with personal anecdotes, the reader really feels like Brehony and Jones are like friends in the publishing industry, showing the newbie the dos and doníts of self-promotion. Their tone is friendly and professional, and their sense of humor shines through and makes Up the Bestseller Lists! an enjoyable as well as educational read.



Amy Brozio-Andrews is a freelance writer and book reviewer. She brings more than five years' experience as a readers' advisory librarian to her work, which is regularly published by Library Journal, The Imperfect Parent, and Absolute Write. Her reviews have also been published by The Absinthe Literary Review, ForeWord Magazine, January Magazine, and Melt Magazine. Amy is also the managing editor and an international markets columnist for Absolute Write. Visit her online at http://www.amyba.com.




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