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Inside The Cover Book Reviews
Review by Roberta Beach Jacobson

Writers' & Artists' Yearbook 2002
A & C Black (London)
700 pages, paperback, $13.96 (amazon.com price)
Published: September 2001
ISBN: 0713659823

Attention, writers! This is a must-have reference on British markets, regardless if you plan to sell First British Serial Rights or just squeeze some more mileage out of your evergreens.

The best news is how British magazines are listed by subject area, so whether you plan to write articles on business, gardening, humor or travel, you‘ll have an edge on the competition by making use of this handy reference. Markets are easy to locate. Writers at all levels will gain valuable insider information on the how-tos of promoting their work throughout the United Kingdom. Book publishers and literary agents are listed and ideas on where to submit for radio, television, film and theater use are also provided. The listing of national and regional newspapers is comprehensive. You write greeting cards? You‘ll find specific market listings. There are also chapters geared to illustrators and photographers.

Many market listings give Website and/or e-mail addresses, making the world a little smaller for international writers. In fact, there is a section dedicated to on-line writing and marketing.

Make this book a friend and give it a special place on your bookshelf next to your dictionary and thesaurus.


Visit Roberta's website at http://www.freeyellow.com/members/meierandjacobson.

Roberta lives in the Aegean on the remote island of Karpathos, surrounded by goats and cats. She is editor of three e-zines, including the award-winning Kafenio (http://www.kafeniocom.com). She has contributed to Writer's Digest, Freelance Writer's Report and AuthorMania (http://.www.authormania.net).



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