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Screenwriting and Playwriting Interviews

This page hosts interviews with producers, agents, working screenwriters, playwrights, filmmakers, and anyone else related to the screenwriting and playwriting world.  If you are, or know of, someone who should be interviewed here, please contact us.

Click on any of the names to read the interviews.

bullet Chandus Jackson, screenwriter and Disney Fellow
bullet Sheila Hanahan Taylor, Practical Pictures
bulletIlja von Nagel, founder of Tribe Hollywood
bullet Holly Mosher and Kathleen Slattery-Moschkau, producer and writer/director of SIDE EFFECTS
bullet Jason Mitchell, playwright
bullet Syd Field, screenwriter
bullet Pamela Jaye Smith, author of Inner Drives
bulletWendy Weiner, playwright
bulletLarry Brody, Emmy Award winning writer/producer
bulletDan Danko and Tom Mason, co-story editors and co-head writers for The Cartoon Network’s “Pet Alien”
bulletJonathan Dorf, playwright and screenwriter
bulletRebekah Bradford, SPAWN series writer
bulletWilliam Jack Sibley, playwright, interview by Kate Hutson Olsen
bulletSpencer Beglarian, actor/director/screenwriter/producer
bulletJon Hurwitz and Hayden Schlossberg, HAROLD & KUMAR GO TO WHITE CASTLE
bulletJacqueline Samuda, screenwriter, director, actress
bulletTom Lynch, TV producer
bulletRobert McKee, Story 
bulletSally B. Merlin, screenwriting consultant
bulletGeoff Rodkey, DADDY DAY CARE
bulletHenry Gilroy, television animation writer, BIONICLE
bulletKaren Mueller Bryson, playwright
bulletPaul Freeman, grand prize winner of the ACES Screenwriting Competition
bulletMarvin Acuna, manager/producer
bulletDavid Basulto and Kerry David, producers, AGENT CODY BANKS
bulletBarry Pearson, THE BOYD GANG
bulletBruce Hidemi Sakow, FRIDAY THE 13TH: THE FINAL CHAPTER
bulletBrian Overland, literary manager
bulletGabrielle Kelly, producer, ALL THE QUEEN'S MEN
bulletBrian Young, screenwriter
bulletAlexia Melocchi, President, Little Studio Films
bulletMichael Steven Gregory, Silver Surfer, Spider-Man Unlimited
bulletPaul Allen, playwright and author of Alan Aykbourn: Grinning at the Edge
bulletChristina Hamlett, playwright
bulletJoe Ballarini, THE SPY NEXT DOOR
bulletGreg Beal, director of the Don and Gee Nicholl Fellowships in Screenwriting, interviewed by Michael Gill
bulletRyne Douglas Pearson, novelist and screenwriter, interviewed by Daphne Charette 
bulletLinda Seger, script consultant, interviewed by Christina Hamlett
bulletSandy Eiges, script consultant
bulletKarl Iglesias, The 101 Habits of Highly Successful Screenwriters
bulletLaura Van Vleet and Gregory Norris, Star Trek: Voyager, interview by Daphne Charette
bulletWendi Niad, Niad Management Company, interview by Mary J. Schirmer
bulletChristopher Wehner, Screenwriting On The Internet, founder of ScreenwritersUtopia.com
bulletStuart Voytilla, Myth and the Movies
bulletCarla Winter, co-editor, William Fox, Sol M. Wurtzel and the Early Fox Film Corporation
bulletCharles Newcomb, screenwriter/director, GET GOOSED!
bulletGayle Kirschenbaum, filmmaker, DOGAMENTARY
bulletJennifer Lerch, 500 Ways To Beat The Hollywood Script Reader
bulletLouis E. Catron: playwriting instructor and author
bulletRachel Rubin Ladutke, playwright, librettist, director
bulletSam Quo Vadis, founder of the Screenplayers
bulletIrene Turner, director, THE GIRL'S ROOM, producer, BILLY'S HOLLYWOOD SCREEN KISS
bulletEric Bress and J. Mackye Gruber (screenwriters, BLUNT, THE BUTTERFLY EFFECT, and FROZEN)
bulletSusan Kougell (screenwriter, consultant, and author of The Savvy Screenwriter)
bulletMark Sevi (writer of 14 produced films, including the upcoming ARACHNID)
bulletChris Vogler (screenwriting consultant and author of The Writer's Journey: Mythic Structure For Writers)
bulletJesus Nebot (actor, producer, director: Zokalo Entertainment)
bulletJohn Johnson (founder and Executive Director of the American Screenwriters Association)
bulletPJ McIlvaine (screenwriter, MY HORRIBLE YEAR)
bulletKathy Mackel (screenwriter, MOTHER SHIP, LEFT BEHIND, ROCK-A-BYTE BABY)
bulletAndrea Leigh Wolf (screenwriter, NOWHERE TO HIDE)
bulletRobert Kosberg (Hollywood "pitch man")
bulletGeorge Heller (manager, FourSight Entertainment Group)
bulletTony Urban (screenwriter, POOR WHITE TRASH, R.I.P., HIGH POINT)
bulletHeather Hale (screenwriter, THE COURAGE TO LOVE)
bulletMark Troy (screenwriter, playwright)
bulletLynn Barker (screenwriting consultant)
bulletChristina L. Hamlett (playwright, novelist, freelance writer)
bulletEric Heisserer (screenwriter, THE MANIFESTANT)
bulletStephen H. Mazur and Paul Guay (screenwriters, LIAR LIAR and LITTLE RASCALS)
bulletFrederick Levy (VP of Development and Production, Marty Katz Productions)
bulletGlen Doyle (screenwriter, SOMETIMES A HERO)
bulletRobert J. Elisberg (screenwriter, publicist, non-fiction writer)
bulletNeal Stevens (screenwriter, DEADER, BLAIR WITCH sequel)
bulletDaniel Knauf (screenwriter, BLIND JUSTICE)
bulletMarc Norman (screenwriter, SHAKESPEARE IN LOVE)
bulletRosanne Welch (television writer, TOUCHED BY AN ANGEL, BEVERLY HILLS, 90210
bulletS. S. Wilson (screenwriter, SHORT CIRCUIT, TREMORS, WILD WILD WEST
bulletBrent Maddock (screenwriter; S. S. Wilson's writing partner, see credits above)
bulletMark Atwater (webmaster of Mark's Screenwriting Page, screenwriter) 
bulletKaryl Miller (TV writer, screenwriter) 
bulletBrad Schreiber (screenwriter, consultant) 
bulletPauline Baird Jones (screenwriter, novelist) 
bulletPaul Chitlik (TV writer, producer, novelist, and publisher) 
bulletChrissy Blumenthal (VP, Development, Black & Blu Entertainment) 
bulletPhilip Garvin (founder and owner of Colorado Studios) 
bulletRob Gallagher (manager, producer, head of literary department at Cyd LeVin & Associates, Inc.) 
bulletFinn Taylor (writer/director, DREAM WITH THE FISHES
bulletWilt Stillman (director, THE LAST DAYS OF DISCO
bulletNick Chinlund (actor/producer, A BROTHER'S KISS
bulletAndreas Gruenberg (President, Gruenberg Films-- German production company) 
bulletEd Bernero (co-creator of THIRD WATCH
bulletLarry Brody (TV writer and producer)
bulletLouis Barkan (literary management)
bulletLawrence Mattis (agent:  Circle of Confusion)
bulletAlan David Perkins (playwright)
bulletJussi Wahlgren (playwright)


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