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The Screenwriting Spot

Oh, hi, screenwriters and playwrights.  This is the place for you.  Start clicking to see what I mean.

Links:  Spec screenwriters' websites, places to submit screenplays, general screenwriting links, directories, services for screenwriters.

Articles: Click here for articles related to the business and craft of screenwriting.

Interviews: Click here for interviews with screenwriters, playwrights, producers, and agents.

Columns: Click here for columns and editorials related to screenwriting and playwriting.

Message Board:  Screenwriters, lurk or post at will. 

Film and Video Reviews

Bewares:  Post or read warnings

Contracts:  Sample screenwriting contracts (option, life rights, release form)

Agents:  The WGA signatory literary agents list

Definitions:  Screenwriting terms you should know


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