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Freelancing Later In Life by Kimberly Ripley
Review by Rusty Fischer

Though you wouldn’t know it by the youthful picture on her informative Website, Kimberly Ripley is in her late forties, and thus speaks from personal experience in her jam-packed new eBook, Freelancing Later in Life, available as an eBook at http://www.booklocker.com/bookpages/kimberlyripley02.html.  Crammed with enough tips and personal revelations to last you long into retirement, this book has all you need to know to begin a second career, right from your very own home!

Unlike other costly business ventures, freelance writing is ideal for those unwilling to plunk down big expenditures for office space or equipment. As Ripley states, "It can be done. There are a series of steps to take, and what-ifs to consider, yet this particular career requires less in terms of investment and training than many other career change options…"

Let’s face it, there are enough books on freelance writing out there to spend your whole career reading them, but Ripley’s book stands out from the crowd because it is designed specifically for a very unique audience. An audience that, until now, has certainly been overlooked. Geared for folks who are looking for a rewarding career or part-time job with which to fill their golden years, Freelancing Later in Life explains how to start from the bottom up—and make it all the way to the top!

With insightful tips that leave nothing to chance, Freelancing Later in Life touches on such basics as how much to charge for an assignment, where to look for freelancing jobs, how to insist on a contract, and what to write about first. And, while it does include several hyperlinks within its value-packed pages, it avoids the "hyperlink hyperbole" that so many eBooks fall prey to these days. Instead, Ripley gives you just enough links to get you started, knowing that once you’re out there in cyberspace, you’ll find enough free information to keep you busy for hours!

Still not convinced that Freelancing Later in Life is for you? Why not let the author state her case herself: "Not everyone begins a new career in middle age, but lots of people think about it. I did it, and it was the best move I’ve ever made. From full-time, stay-at-home mom to full-time professional freelance writer and published author, my career change has afforded me opportunities I’d otherwise have only realized through dreams…"

As a freelance writer myself, I can tell you that I’ve read all the books out there on the subject. Freelancing Later in Life helped me to remain committed to this challenging profession, and even taught me a few new tricks I thought I knew—but didn’t! Whether you’re young or old, Freelancing Later in Life was written by a true professional—in hopes that you will be too!

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